Secret H'Arty Set ♡ For Kids

£2.10 - £15.00

And finally after all here comes the H'Arty Magic Set to keep your kids busy and creative during this period of time.

There are two sizes of this set Medium and Large.
Medium size set refers to the set that will have 3 craft projects. Two of which will be big projects (taking over hour or more time) and one little craft project

Large size set will include 5 craft projects. Three of this will be big projects (time & difficulty) and two additional small and easy.

Sets are suitable for both boys and girls and would be interested to anyone under 12, but enjoyable enough even for grown ups. Sets are a mix of crafts from ceramic painting to dreamcatcher making and stained glass effect sets.

I truly hope you will enjoy each of my Sets/Bags. This is only first set created and hopefully more ideas and sets to come, including Art & Craft for adults (working on it just now).

There is two options to purchase H'Arty Sets:

Option #1: You can buy it through this website and add postage to your cart and once paid both set and postage - it will be sent out to you by Royal Mail and delivered within 3-5working days.

Option #2: Our dear partner venue - Biocafe, kindly agreed to allow pick up from their place at 39, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen AB25 1NQ, during their working hours Monday - Sunday 10-3pm. In that case you won't need to pay for postage and the H'Arty Magic Set will be available for a pick up on on next day from day of purchase.

Key aspects of Hearty Arts & Crafts:

All art and craft workshops presented by RA are provided with consideration of therapeutic art approach.

Therapeutic art can be described as creative and expressive form of therapy. The therapeutic creative process of self-expression can improve one’s physical and mental health. It will also make an impact on our emotional well-being.

Creating art through Therapeutic Art provides an outlet to express oneself freely, which will encourage and promote healthier and happier life.

Hearty AC is led by Ritsa Aumkara: Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Art Therapist, Holistic Practitioner and Honorary Member of IHTA


Sets are non-refundable once purchased. However if there is any damage during postage, please kindly let me know and items will be replaced.. Official explanatory email with damage evidence to be sent to: Hope you will enjoy your mindful time.