Creating Visual Intention Map _ Webinar _17th of June, 6pm

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The power and magic of intention setting was known for a long time now. In this webinar, we would go through understanding of real desires, from those, that were imposed on you. We will learn the aspects of life that are there to fill and complete for greater abundance and content feeling. We will learn to see and take steps towards the desired and we will learn to let the universal flow take your intentions in it's power. All on a top of structural knowledge in this event.


In this webinar, we will have a welll-structured guidelines on organizing and setting the visual intention map. The webinar will go through different aspects of your life and stages of organizing your visuals for setting it into a map. We will go through the whole process of intention setting from selection of intentions, preparing your maps, feng-shui rules, to powerful lunar periods that are congenial for setting the intentions.

The main webinar will take place on 17th of June, 6pm, however we will have a free short briefing meeting with all participants to discuss questions that will appear as a result of your further arrangements on 24th of June, 6pm. The decision to join the second meeting is purely up to you, though highly recommended.

The Webinar will take place through Zoom application, that you are advised to upload prior the start of the event. Links to enter the Webinar will be sent to your emails prior the day of event.

Detailed overview of webinar will be provided to all the participants on the day.


Date: 17th of June 2020, Wednesday, 6pm
Connection through Zoom (please upload the app if not done so yet)
Time: 6pm - 7.30pm
Webinar Fee: £12.80 (up to 70% discount due to current circumstances)
See further Couple/Family / Friend discounts in the options.


Webinar is led by Ritsa Aumkara: Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Teacher, Art Therapist, Holistic Practitioner and Honorary Member of IHTA


Spaces to this workshop are non-refundable once purchased. However you can pass your space/e-ticket to any of your friends/family, if unable to attend. Official explanatory email (to: ) should be send to us to confirm such arrangement.