Magic Fairy Lanterns Virtual Art Therapy Workshop on 20th of June 2020, 4pm

£6.64 - £22.00 Sold Out

In this class you will design and create our own Fairy Lanterns (light and shadow work on jars). There will be a good number of design options to go with and you will be shown and helped in creating your own design, in modifying the set design and finding your own magic way. The class is suitable for complete beginners and you don't need any previous experience on creative arts.

This class is created to give everyone something uplifting to do on Saturday Afternoon on the 20th of June (before the Eclipse & Summer Solistice). You should have your own materials such as:

1. Round Glass Jar
2. Acrylic Paints (black, green/violet/ blue (one of three) and white colors are suggested (pink, red and yellow are optional)
3. Brushes and sponge
4. A4 paper & scissors
5. Your lovely self, your device and internet connection.


Date of the workshop: 20th of June 2020, Saturday
Times: 4pm-5.30pm
Price: £6.64 -£12.28

Cost Option #1: £6.64 - no materials needed and you would like to join the virtual class with your own set of materials.
Cost Option: #2: £10 - you would like to get set of materials and written instructions to follow to make your own Fairy Magic lantern without joining the virtual class
Cost Option #3: £12.28 - you would like to join the class virtually and also get the set of materials posted your way.
Cost Option #4: £22.00 - Concious Couple/Family/ Friends Discount- Virtual Workshop + Materials for two (posting to same address).

Yet again, I know the majority of us had been facing difficulties, so I really don't want to exclude anyone, if you feel strongly drawn to this workshop and you feel this can help you emotionally, and can't afford to pay full fee, please drop me an email and I will try to accommodate you (unless it's too late for posting material or fully booked).

Alternatively, if you strongly feel giving a donation, whether or not you are joining a workshop, or towards those, who aren't able to pay and accepted for free, I would absolutely be grateful for that donation, as small independent business owner:

To donate use the link below:

I'd also be grateful for any help in sharing this event and spreading the word. We can build each other up and create this magical vibe together.

Webinar is led by Ritsa Aumkara: Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Teacher, Art Therapist, Holistic Practitioner and Honorary Member of IHTA


Additional information on tutoring:

All art and craft workshops presented by RA will be provided with consideration of therapeutic art approach.

Therapeutic art can be described as creative and expressive form of therapy. The therapeutic creative process of self-expression can improve one’s physical and mental health. It will also make an impact on our emotional well-being.

Creating art through Therapeutic Art provides an outlet to express oneself freely, which will encourage and promote healthier and happier life.


Spaces to this workshop are non-refundable once purchased. However you can pass your space/e-ticket to any of your friends/family, if unable to attend. Official explanatory email (to: ) should be send to us to confirm such arrangement