Creating each of my events, I always bear in mind the idea that "we are all build of experiences we make". And I am trying to do my best to ensure you enjoy yourself on my events, get the spark of magic & art and leaving those with good joyful memories. 

All art and craft workshops are given with consideration of mindfulness and therapeutic art approach. Therapeutic art can be described, as creative and expressive form of therapy. The therapeutic creative process of self-expression can improve one's physical and mental health. It will also make an impact on our emotional-wellbeing. Creating art through Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness provides and outlet to express oneself freely, which encourages and promotes healthier and happier life. 

As Life & Mindfulness Coach and Meditation Teacher, I also create and carry a number of workshops and webinars to help develop your emotional and conscious selves into more evolved happier beings. 

Another division of this online shop are handmade or modified items, that as Holistic Practitioner, I consciously create with good energy and intention, as helpful tool for your future inspirations. 

Hope you can find something that resonates with your heart in this shop and hope you can feel love and thought I always put in each of my items and events.

Sincerely yours, 

Ritsa A. 

Life Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Art Therapist, Holistic Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Honorary Member of IHTA